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Hey guys, Thanks so much for sharing your time with us and answering our questions. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Ok, So Thirteen | 10 Apparel is run by me, hello, I'm Josh. It’s a pretty basic, I LOVE pro wrestling and admire what each and every single athlete puts into giving us fans an experience like no other, travelling up and down the country, risking their bodies, leaving families for lengthy stints…it’s not easy so I wanted to create a brand in which I could offer garments to athletes and of course sell my apparel to those that see it, unfortunately not everything in life comes free right? Thirteen | 10 is a personal journey and my concept was based on a time (year) in my life that I will never forget with my now and unfortunately ex-partner. I wanted people who see my brand to maybe relate but get to know me.

How would you describe what you guys have to offer?

Comfortable leisure and gym wear. Ideal for streetwear, chilling at home or repping in the gym!

How did you come about starting a clothing line?

Well, I spend so much money on WWE Euroshop and when I attend shows and purchase tees I just felt that I could do something similar. I saw certain individuals wearing garments and felt that I had enough creativity in my mind to be able to concept something. It's not easy but Instagram and meeting some amazing people have helped to continue my inspiration.

What has been your most successful designs and why do you think they specifically did so well?

Our Grey/Black embroidered Varsity Hoody was and still is very popular as is our athlete tee (logo across the chest) I released the hoody just as autumn was approaching so the perfect time for a comfortable hoody, it’s a full zip style and I still sell them to this day.

What is something you wish you knew when you first started your brand?

Tough but great question. I guess I wish I knew more about social media and how to promote at certain times instead of getting my ideas and graphics created and posting instantly instead of waiting until a better “social media” time.

How do you use social media to build your brand?

Social media is a tough game as I am sure you are well aware. Twitter is a great tool for sending informative tweets and links, Instagram is great for making friends and interacting with stories - I am a believer that people do buy from people so I mixed my brand Instagram page with personal until very recently where I separated it out a little more. As of writing, I am just introducing Facebook which will be interesting - so much to learn about page management.

What are your favourite brands that you would recommend we check out?

I have to give a huge plug to SUPAY, they are a New York-based brand and we became friends and they have inspired me so much from day 1. Lovely people so please check them out. Something else closer to home is easy, GRAPPLE is AMAZING! They are inspirational with packages and delivery lead times! 2 great brands right there for you :)

What tips and tricks would you give to any aspiring clothing brands?

Just be YOU. Create something that separates you and sits close to your heart. Be responsive in every which way that you can whether it be positive or negative, any and all criticism is constructive.

What walls and pitfalls have you come across while being active?

Ok, so as a new brand in which I solely run the handling of all my products from sourcing to delivery I am led by lead times from my printers and embroiderers. They have a 7 day lead time so any order that I get for clothing is clearly stated that it could be 7 days until postage, I clearly state this on all artwork and site. I do have limited stock but when releasing new products I would say delivery lead times is my only snag at the moment but who knows, as this brand hopefully grows I will hold more new stock for speedy delivery.

What has been a highlight or a big win for your brand?

Honestly meeting new people and making some incredible new friends Is right up there but working closely with my good friends at DNA wrestling and being able to sponsor the shows and sell my merch there has been something that I never thought would happen. Thanks to Anthony & David for that!

What first piqued your interest in wrestling?

An accidental VHS recording of Wrestlemania 15, I was hooked from that moment on. My Dad supported me through my childhood supporting WWE by spending his hard-earned money on Merch, action figures and took me to Insurrextion 2002 in London. For all that I am grateful!

Who is your current favourite wrestler?

These are the toughest of questions, but can be answered without a single thought if that makes sense? Male - Shawn Spears, Female - Charlotte Flair

What PPV is your all-time favourite?

21 years of wrestling PPVs - WWE, NJPW, Impact and now AEW…this is a tough call. I’m going to give you WRESTLEMANIA X7, TLC, Rock/Austin… this was my most played DVD but Survivor Series 2002 is a close second, I have so many memories of a school childhood with that PPV so yeah.

Who in your opinion is the greatest wrestler of all time?

These questions are not getting any easier, are they? Greatest wrestler of all time has to be Kurt Angle, some of his matches over the years (Vs HBK) sits up there amongst my favs and his TNA run vs Joe, but sports entertainer has to be The Rock - I loved his 2003 final run as a heel and is cooperate heel work. Hope that covers it?!

Do you think the death of KayFabe has helped the industry?

I think this is very 50/50 I mean as a child growing up you are still in this fantasy world and believe it all (well I did) it was as you grow up and learn the industry that Kayfabe plays a big part. Also, with all the social media there is nothing hidden anymore. It’s a tough one to answer if I’m honest and I don’t think I can give you a full answer.

Where can our readers go to buy your clothes?

My big cartel store is live so please head over there,

 Thank you so much for allowing Thirteen | 10 to take part. Josh

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